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 Forest Management
Foresters monitor the forest health through ground and aerial observation. When problems occur such as bark beetles, gypsy moth and ice storm damage the landowner is notified and provided advice and referrals to timber buyers or consultant foresters as needed.

The Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF) follows up on harvesting and assists landowners who seek advice. The VDOF inspects harvesting sites for compliance with the Seed Tree Law and The Silvicultural Water Quality Law. During an inspection, compliance with other state and federal laws is observed so the landowner and logger can be informed and kept in compliance with applicable regulations. The other laws include: The Chesapeake Bay Act, The Virginia Marine Resources Law(s), and The Federal Clean Water Act(s) including wetlands regulations. The logger, consultant forester, industry forester, and/or the landowner are contacted during logging operations concerning BMP installation. The landowner is contacted concerning needs for forest renewal and future management.

The first step toward a healthy, productive woodland is a Forest Stewardship or Management Plan. Consulting Foresters and Department Foresters are available in every county to provide Forest Management Plans for timberland owners.

Contact the following governmental resources for additional information:

Virginia Department of Forestry
2400 Valley Avenue, Suite 17
Winchester, Virginia 22601
Phone: 540-722-3496
FAX: 540-722-7543

Clarke County Environmental Resources
Phone: 540-955-5134

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