Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Internet access?

There is no wired broadband Internet access available, such as FIOS. There are satellite providers including HughesNet and Exede, local wireless providers such as Wave2Net, or cellular service using a hotspot. A property’s location may determine which of these services works best.

Which phone service providers work best out here?

Verizon and AT&T work well for cellular service. Landline service is available as well.

Who provides TV service?

There is no cable service, only satellite service such as DirecTV and DISH. If you have an antenna, there is a very limited number of local stations available .

How are most homes heated?

Most homes have propane or electric heat. Companies that deliver propane include Blossman and Quarles.

How many properties are in Calmes Neck?

There are 79 lots in the subdivisions that comprise Calmes Neck. See the maps for more information.

Is there an annual assessment?

Yes. The annual assessment supports maintenance of the roads, gate, and pool, as well as professional services (e.g., legal, insurance, and tax and accounting) and administrative expenses (e.g., mailings, website hosting and domain name, software and computer supplies, etc.).

Where do I take my trash? Recycling?

There is no trash or recycling pick-up service provided by Clarke County in our neighborhood. Residents are required to transport their own trash and recycling to one of the county citizens’ convenience centers. A full-service center is located at 281 Landfill Road, Winchester, VA. There is a smaller trash and recycling center that is slightly closer at Double Toll Gate, 4201 Front Royal Pk., White Post, VA.

Note that glass is no longer accepted for recycling by the county.

Is mail delivered directly to my house? Where is the post office? Do FedEx and UPS deliver to the neighborhood?

Each home is assigned a mailbox in a bank of mailboxes on Calmes Neck Lane, located just before the gate.

The post office is located at 112 West Main Street, Boyce, VA.

FedEx, UPS, and DHL deliver directly to your home.

What do I do if I have a medical emergency? Where is the nearest hospital?

Call 911. Emergency crews have gate entry codes and are familiar with the community. They are also prepared to handle situations in which the roads are impassable, using ATV’s and even helicopters, if necessary.

Winchester has a medical center, and Purcellville has an urgent care center.

Where are the closest grocery stores?

There are grocery stores within 20-30 minutes of our neighborhood. Purcellville has Giant, Harris Teeter, and Shop ‘n Save. There is a Shop ‘n Save in Berryville. If you go a little further to Winchester you will have a broader choice, including Martin’s, The Fresh Market, and Costco.There is also a Food Lion in Marshall and a Safeway in Middleburg.

There are various smaller markets close by as well.

Is there a community pool?

There is a community pool. See the community pool page for details.

Is there access to the Shenandoah River?

Residents have deeded access to the river via the recreation area.

Can I hunt on my property?

Hunting is generally not allowed on properties in the neighborhood.

Can we have chickens/animals?

That depends on the covenants which are on the lot.

How long is Calmes Neck Lane?

Calmes Neck Lane begins at Rte. 606 and ends at the Point on the shore of the Shenandoah River. The road is 4.8 miles long. Honoring the 15 mph speed limit, it takes about 20 minutes to drive the length of the road. See the roads page for details.

Is there a security gate?

There is a security gate. Residents are given an access code and can purchase a remote gate opener. For more details, see the security gate page.

What are the roads like?

Calmes Neck Lane and its offshoots are dirt roads. We encourage drivers to adhere to the 15 mph speed limit to protect the roads from excessive wear.

What is the speed limit?

The speed limit on Calmes Neck Lane and its side roads is 15 mph. We urge residents and their guests to honor that speed limit for safety and to help preserve our dirt roads.

Will I need a four-wheel drive vehicle?

Four-wheel drive is recommended especially during the winter when the steep slopes are snow-covered. Everyone living beyond the gate has at least one steep slope to handle and those beyond the ridge have additional slopes to deal with as well.

What happens when it snows? How long does it take to clear the roads after a snowstorm?

Winter weather, particularly with the heavy snows we’ve had for the past few years, can make the roads impassable for a period of time. The community does its best to clear the roads as quickly as possible. Note that even if we get our neighborhood roads plowed, Rte. 606 might not be cleared.

Should I expect power outages? Will I need a generator?

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative is the power company for our area. Given our remote location, they provide good, reliable service. There are, of course, times when there are outages. It is a good idea to have a generator, if not one that comes on automatically, then one that you operate manually as needed.

Why are we moving here?!

At times it does seem like we live in the middle of nowhere, but that’s a big part of the reason most of us choose to move here. It may take longer to get to the grocery store, the office, or dinner out with friends but the unique beauty of Calmes Neck makes it worth those inconveniences.