Security Gate

A security gate limits access to the community. The CNPOA requests that you observe the posted 15 MPH speed limit, which will help save our roads and allow you to enjoy our unique community. Many residents take advantage of our beautiful environment by walking along the roads. Please be courteous by sharing the road and slowing down when passing pedestrians.

Below are the instructions for the gate call box, which is a telephone intercom system with a screen, keypad, and access card reader. The names of the owners/residents are listed alphabetically followed by a three-digit speed dial code.  Phone numbers are programmed into the system, but not displayed.

To obtain realtor or new resident codes and more detailed instructions, contact the gate and security coordinator.

Entering the Community

  • Stop at the keypad on the left side of the road before the gate.
  • Find the name of the resident or gate and security coordinator by using the “A” (UP) and/or the “Z” (DOWN) buttons.
  • Press the “#” key or the “CALL” button to contact the resident (less than one minute of talk time), or the gate and security coordinator (less than four minutes of talk time).
  • The resident will press 9 on his or her phone. You will hear a long beep, the call will drop, and the gate will open.
  • You can alternatively enter the resident’s three-digit speed dial code, which is after the name in the directory, or enter 000 or 001 for the gate and security coordinator.

Private Four-Digit Entry Code

  • If you have a four-digit entry code, press the “#” key, then enter your private four-digit entry code.
  • You will hear a long beep and the gate will open.

Exiting the Community

  • The exit probe sensor is buried approximately 100 feet inside the gate on the right hand side of the road as you are going downhill to exit the gate. Driving over the sensor will open the gate. Keep to the right.