Need contact information for a CNPOA board member or neighbor? Want a reminder of what was covered at the last CNPOA board meeting? Interested in what’s coming up on the CNPOA calendar? Want to share an interesting wildlife sighting in the neighborhood? Many helpful online resources are available to residents right here.

Board of Directors – Contact information for the board.

Gate Instructions – Useful information for getting in and out of here.

Maps – Maps of the neighborhood.

Calmes Neck Community Directory – Reach out to a neighbor.

Forums (login required) – Want to share a wildlife sighting or other story with the community in a place where it will be recorded for all time (and not lost in people’s individual inboxes)? Post it to the forum in a new or existing thread.

Calendar (login required) – Find out the details about the next monthly board meeting. Look to see if anyone has reserved The Point. Learn when the Spring and Fall Membership Meetings are scheduled. See if there’s an upcoming potluck.

General Meetings and Minutes (login required) – Missed a meeting? Read the minutes here.

Board of Directors Meetings and Minutes (login required) – Minutes of board meetings are here.

You may be a Calmes Neck veteran, but you still may want to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).